Quan Medelo


Transforming Monitoring of Type 2 Diabetes Glucose Levels

Quantum BioTek is a bio engineering company that is developing a novel glucose monitoring device for patients with type 2 diabetes. QuanMedelo is a truly non-invasive glucose meter for continuous monitoring and analyzing of blood glucose levels.

QuanMedelo developed a new method for measuring blood glucose non-invasively, based on a method named metabolic heat conformation. This important new glucose measurement device allows for pain free monitoring of blood glucose levels. 

QuanMedelo was developed based on published scientific data and extensive clinical studies suggesting that the metabolic oxidation of glucose in the human body provides most of the necessary energy for cellular activities. Hence, blood glucose can be estimated by measuring the body heat and the oxygen supply. 

Clinical Need


Type 2 Diabetes is a progressive chronic disease in which the body both becomes resistant to insulin and produces insufficient insulin resulting in elevated blood sugar levels. These elevated blood sugar levels can lead to serious complications including cardiovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, neuropathies, and retinopathies. 

Diabetes kills more Americans each year than breast cancer and AIDS combined, and approximately 95% of all diabetic patients have type 2 diabetes.

At present there is no method that can cure diabetes totally. The main therapy is to prevent or alleviate the occurrence of complications through frequent monitoring and adjustment of the glucose level. Physicians suggest that the glucose level should be tested at least four times per day. A non-invasive method could realize this requirement easily, because it is painless and does not infect the patient with other diseases. 

The Importance of continuous Measuring

Diabetes increases the risk for many serious health problems. High blood glucose levels can cause problems with other body functions, such as kidneyes, nervers, feet and eyes.

Long-term complications of diabetes include heart disease skin problems and digestive problems. 

Millions of patients are suffering from the pain of checking their blood sugar using needles. Some are starting to lose the sensory and motor functions of their fingers because of hundreds, possibly thousands, of times of sticking their fingers with a needle. Their quality of life as well as the treatment of their diabetes suffers tremendously. 

Frequent glucose monitoring is important to understand how diet, exercise and lifestyle affect glucose levels and to prevent complications. 


The metabolic oxidation of glucose in the human body, also known as cellular respiration, provides most of the energy necessary for cellular activities. 

Non-invasive measurements of glucose concentration in the blood takes into account the body heat generated by glucose oxidation and local oxygen supply. This concept was developed by observing that the circadian rhythm of the human body conforms to the subtle balance seen among metabolic heat, local oxygen supply, and glucose concentration. 

The QuanMedelo research team used non-invasive thermal and optical sensors on the fingertip of an individual to measure thermal generation, blood flow rate, hemoglobin (Hb) concentration, and oxyhemoglobin concentration. The calibration model incorporates mathematical procedures to convert signals from the sensor pickup to final glucose concentrations. The mathematical procedures are multivariate statistical analyses, involving values from sensor signals, polynomials from various values, regression analyses of individual patients, and cluster analyses of patient groups. The glucose value (blood sugar levels) is calculated for each patient measurement, applying one of the clusters by discriminant analysis.

Quan Medelo, truly non-invasive glucose meter to measure blood sugar levels

A truly non-invasive glucose meter.

QuanMedelo helps you monitor your sugar (glucose) levels without finger-pricking providing an improved quality of life through better diabetes management.

A 100% pain-free device that makes traditional blood sampling a thing of the past. The unique sensor technology allows to monitor blood glucose levels without the need to pierce the skin.