About Us


Quantum BioTek is an early-stage international bio engineering company (headquartered in the US) bringing affordable diagnostics and home health care through cutting-edge wearable technology to consumers and healthcare professionals. 

For Health Care Professionals

QuanBio Technologies help healthcare professionals to deliver quality treatment for their patients, making it easier to measure and diagnose by the use of our medical technology that includes the non-invasive QuanCardio devices and the QuanMedelo non-invasive glucose-meter. 

For Consumers/Patients

QuanBio Technologies help patients / consumers to monitor and to diagnose their own risk enabling to make lifestyle changes before serious health issues are developed and to help them live longer and healthier lives

Our Team


Quantum BioTek, founded by a team of entrepreneurial individuals in the USA and in China, is developing breakthrough solutions targeted at the big health problems.

We have assembled an experienced leadership team including world-class scientists, advisors, and partners. The team includes award winning scientists with proven track record in bio engineering, wireless devices, implantable and wearable sensors, physics, nanotechnology, imaging and intelligent algorithms. It also includes successful entrepreneurs and experienced executives specializing in medical devices commercialization, business and product development.